5 New Rescues

Every single day animals need us. Every single day there are more who have found themselves alone, discarded, and afraid. It is our responsibility, as decent human beings, to create a safe place for the hopeless. We can’t win this battle on our own: it takes an army of volunteers filled with the same hope we have. Being their hero is easy. Start by sharing this post, asking your friends to join us in our crusade to bring the shimmer of light, the hope, to animals in their darkest hour. Open your home to a soul who needs warmth and love. Donate goods like food and blankets to fill their tummies and warm their hearts. Help us with events by decorating or making flyers. Spread the word, a new rescue is in town, and we won’t give up until they are all safe. Email us right now at info@RoundTableHaven.org to find out how you can help us save their lives.


  1. Vickie

    I am interested in adopting our 2nd puppy thu Round Table Haven and am looking at dog#1 on your new rescues list. Any info on him?